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National Dairy Month Contest 2012 Press Release

Ohio Swiss Cheese Association, Inc.

National Dairy Month Contest

June 13, 2012


This is the first of three contests held during the year of 2012 to determine the Grand Champion and Reserve Champion cheese-makers for the year of 2012.

 This year winners were announced and awarded for three classifications as follows:

 Swiss Class:

            Gold (1st prize)           Guggisberg Cheese Co., Millersburg, OH

            Silver (2nd prize)       Pearl Valley Cheese Co., Fresno, OH

            Bronze (3rd prize)        E.S. Steiner Dairy LLC, Baltic, OH

            Other Swiss cheeses were entered by Broad Run Cheese, Dover, OH and Bunker Hill Cheese, Millersburg, OH.


Open Class: (Various cheeses that do not fall in the Swiss or Farmstead category)

            Gold                            Pearl Valley Cheese Co.  (Pepper Jack)

            Silver                           Bunker Hill Cheese  (Colby)

            Bronze                         Pearl Valley Cheese Co.  (Colby)

             Other cheese was entered by Mayfield Road Creamery, Orwell, OH and E.S. Steiner Dairy LLC.


Farmstead Class: (Cheese manufactured on an Ohio-licensed farmstead facility.)

            Gold                            Mayfield Road Creamery, Orwell, OH (Double Aged Raw Milk Gouda)

            Silver                           Mayfield Road Creamery (Brie)

            Bronze                         Mayfield Road Creamery (Tomme with natural rind with beer wash)

            Other cheese was entered by Integration Acres LTD, Albany, OH and Osage Lane Creamery LTD, Pataskala, OH.


Judges for this contest were John Jorg, former cheesemaker; Doug Randles, cheese buyer; Jonas Troyer, cheese buyer; Nicholas Starrett, retail cheese buyer for Whole Foods, Columbus, OH; and Henry Walton, deli merchandiser for Kroger, Columbus, OH.


All cheese was judged Grade A.

The Ohio State Fair contest, the second of the three contests, will be held July 10, 2012.

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