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Amish Country Butter

The Way Butter is Supposed to Taste



For many years, Pearl Valley Cheese has offered our customers some of Amish Country's finest butter.  Cream is a by-product of cheesemaking and it is often used to make butter. We sell our cream to a creamery that manufactures this butter specially for us. It is hand rolled, by real people, into wax paper. Butter making is an Amish tradition that goes back many generations, much like cheesemaking. You can rest assured that this creamy and delicious butter is REAL BUTTER, made from all natural ingredients.
Because butter does begin to melt at 85 degrees Fahrenheit, we do not offer this product for purchase on our website.  If you would like to purchase Amish Country Roll Butter, please call us at
We will be happy to discuss shipping options which are contingent on
your location and the outside temperature/ time of year.
(Please note we do not ship butter between May and October)
You can also ask your local grocer about carrying it in a store close to you!
We have the following three varieties of Amish Country Butter available:
2 LB Rolls  (12 per case)
1 LB Rolls  (24 per case)
1 LB Unsalted Rolls  (24 per case)
If you would like to sell our butter in your store or deli, please give us a call!
Frequently Asked Questions:  
Does the butter contain antibiotics?
No, the butter does not contain any antibiotics. All milk loads are tested for antibiotics prior to being unloaded, as required by the FDA.
Is the butter made from pasteurized cream?
Yes, the cream is pasteurized to as part of the food safety program for the manufacturing facility.
Amish Country Roll Butter, real butter