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Amish Country Butter - The Way Butter is Supposed to Taste

Amish Country Roll Butter, The Way Butter should Taste by Pearl Valley Cheese in Ohio


For many years Pearl Valley Cheese has offered our customers some of Amish Country's finest butter.  We have many Amish farmers that sell us their milk, as well as many hard working Amish people that we employ, they know us how butter is supposed to be.  Cream is a by-product from making Swiss cheeses.  We sell our cream to a small creamery that manufactures this butter specially for us.  Real butter is a delicate product and any extra processing used while making it can add undesirable flavors. Our butter does not go through large, fast-paced packaging equipment.  Instead is hand rolled, by real people, into wax paper, just like the Amish in our area have done for many years on their farms.  This butter has the most creamy and delicious flavor.  You can rest assured that this is REAL BUTTER, made from all natural ingredients.  It is the best butter you will ever eat, just give it a try! 
Because butter does melt in excessive heat, we do not offer this product for direct shipping or purchase on our website.  If you would like to purchase directly you can call us at 740-545-6002.  We will be happy to discuss if we can direct ship to you or not.  This decision would depend on things like your location and the time of year.
You can also ask for it in your favorite grocery store or deli.
We have the following three varieties of Amish Country Butter available:
2 LB Rolls  (12 per case)
1 LB Rolls  (24 per case)
2 LB Unsalted Rolls  (12 per case)
If you would like to sell our butter in your store or deli, please give us a call talk to someone on our sales staff.
Pearl Valley Amish Country Butter is the best butter you will ever eat!
Amish Country Roll Butter, The Way Butter should Taste by Pearl Valley Cheese in Ohio